Hi there! Just wanted to pop in and apologize for dropping off the face of the Earth (the Internet?) with no warning. No huge reason – I just got busy at work (“busy” meaning I was training someone, which made it difficult to write/snap pics of my meals), and then by the time things went back to normal, I was enjoying not photographing everything I ate and having to edit 5+ pictures a day. What can I say, I’m lazy. And THEN, shortly after that, I started following a new nutrition program. This is very out of character for me, but I had been feeling gross and my weight had been slowly creeping up for the past couple of years, to the point where I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and body. Being that I’m now in my mid-ish 30s and had developed some less than healthy habits, getting back into my comfortable weight zone was proving more difficult than it had been in the past, so I committed to this program. It worked surprisingly well, but it made my meals probably a little boring from an outside perspective – it’s a lot (a lot a lot) of veggies, so I’ve been eating tons of salads.

I’ve since relaxed the rules of the program a bit, but the cool thing about this program is that it’s MEANT to allow flexibility – nothing’s cut out or considered “cheating.” Anyway, no one cares about whether or not I’m following some nutrition program – I just wanted to confirm that I’m not dead or sick or in a major depression. While I probably won’t go back to documenting everything I’m eating because, again, I’m lazy, you can follow me over at my original blog, Sweat the Small Stuff. Thanks for following along on this strange, sometimes boring, sometimes disgusting journey with me. ❤ ❤ ❤


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