Hi friends! I’m Jessi, and I love food. Not only do I love to EAT food, though…I also really love to cook, and I really really love to bake. I live in Delaware with my husband and our dog, and I cook dinner most weeknights. Recently, I’ve realized that I have trouble remembering which meals we’ve enjoyed the most and which were just mediocre, and I kept telling myself that I needed to start documenting the meals I cooked somehow. I also have voyeuristic tendencies – not in a creepy sexual way, but more in a mundane, boring way. For example, I read Refinery 29’s Money Diaries, and my favorite part is reading about what the authors eat every day. That’s where this blog comes in.

The purpose of this blog is kind of a mashup between a food diary and a recipe blog. Every day, I take a picture of every single thing I eat and post it here, and I include recipes of the meals I’ve made that we’ve really enjoyed. It serves as kind of a dinner encyclopedia for me, and I’m hoping it’ll cause me to eat a little more mindfully (whether out of sheer embarrassment or just from being able to visualize my eating habits – fingers crossed!) I know I can’t possibly be the only weirdo who likes to know what everyone’s eating on a daily basis, so hopefully you guys enjoy this little peek at my (likely disgusting) eating habits! If not and you think this is the dumbest idea you’ve ever heard (fair enough), you can check out my other, more “lifestyle” geared blog here.

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I figured it was only appropriate to include a picture of myself being seranaded by a mariachi band while eating dinner in Mexico circa 2011.