Here are the ground rules for this whole “daily food posting” thing (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, head here first). I’ll be updating this as this project evolves, so feel free to check back:

  1. I’ll take a picture of everything I eat on a daily basis and post it here. For now I’m going say weekends will be included, but I may need to back off to just weekdays eventually…I don’t want to eliminate weekends right off the bat though, because I feel like my eating on weekends is probably a lot more interesting.
  2. I’ll include as much detail as to what I’m eating as possible – for example, if I eat a salad, I’ll try to list off what was in the salad. That said, you’ll have to be gentle with me, here – there’s no way I’m going to remember every single detail every day, and I’m not going to have time to record it all the time. I’ll make special effort to keep track of really good recipes though, since that’s basically the whole point of this exercise.
  3. For meals I’ve made myself that either me or Jeff (or whoever I fed) really enjoyed, I’ll do my best to include the recipe – if not in my daily post, I’ll try to get the recipe up within the same week.
  4. I’ll post my meals from the previous day around mid-morning the day after – since I never really know when my last meal for the day is going to be (ha), this seems to make the most sense for now. I’ll post my meals from Friday through Sunday on Monday.
  5. I’ll try to make my pictures as “pretty” as possible, while keeping within reality. Again, please be kind to me here – because of the nature of this thing, most photos will need to be taken with my phone (obviously I’m not going to lug my DSLR to work or every time I go out to eat), and my work lunches are almost always eaten out of Tupperwear or plastic to-go containers. I can’t really help that, and I think trying to “stage” things to make them look beautiful would kind of defeat the purpose of this whole thing. That said, I’ll try to get as much natural light as possible (within reason, keeping in mind I live on the East Coast and work in an office with fluorescent lighting), and I’ll try to at least pay some attention to my presentation, at least when I cook.
  6. Keeping with the theme from #5, I think I’ll stay away from filters on my food photos. I’ll edit the photos to make them as clear as possible, but I’ll skip filters that alter appearance.
  7. Water’s basically all I drink on a daily basis, so I’m going to allow myself to leave out beverages unless I drink something totally out of the norm. I’ll post my daily coffee with breakfast and I’ll post if I grab Starbuck’s or something, but if I drink a cup of boring tea in the afternoon or chug a La Croix as I’m making dinner, I’m probably not going to post that.