Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hey hi hello! I’m back!!

11:09 AM:


Egg & cheese sandwich on everything bagel; coffee

I’ve been craving what Food 52 refers to as “Bodega Eggs,” and what Smitten Kitchen has simply dubbed a “Lazy Egg Sandwich” – despite never actually having been to a bodega (oh, suburban life). This was super simple to throw together, delicious, and less messy than just piling scrambled eggs and cheese on a bagel.

3:12 PM:



My sweet dad sent me a big package of stuff from Harry & David for Easter, including these Royal Riviera pears. They’re SO good.

3:51 PM:


Bloody Mary

I had intended to make a bloody mary around brunch time, but of course got distracted and missed the brunch mark by a few hours. I’ve been on a real bloody kick lately – Zing Zang is my favorite mix, and I add extra celery salt and hot sauce. Yum! I may or may not have had 2 of these (I totally did).

8:04 PM:


Eggplant rollatini; lentil pasta with Rao’s Arrabbita

I received another eggplant in my last Hungry Harvest shipment, so I decided to make eggplant rollatini this time. It was way easier than I predicted to put together, and very tasty – recipe to follow! Be prepared for a week of ugly lunches (ha!). I also had a couple glasses of white wine and forgot to document – the combo of taking a week off and my bloody buzz didn’t bode well for blog photos.

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