Thursday, March 22, 2018

9:48 AM:


Vanilla yogurt with raspberries, granola, and toasted coconut; coffee

Yogurt today!

12:09 PM:


Penne, cheese ravioli, broccoli, Caesar salad, garlic bread

Today was our monthly-ish catered lunch (our VP hosts an informal lunch for his org every month or so), so I had a little of everything. Our office has surprisingly good in-house catering, so these lunches are always a treat. I actually had a second helping of broccoli, because it was freaking delicious (and loaded with garlic…apologies to my co-workers).


Chocolate chip cookie

Before heading back to my desk, I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie from the dessert table. I’m noticing that my (poor) cropping skills are maybe doing me a disservice…this cookie was actually pretty small, but it looks huge because there’s no scale. Oh well! Let’s be honest…if the cookie HAD been huge, I for sure still would’ve eaten it.

3:46 PM:


Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes

Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes – what a time to be alive! These were still sitting around from St. Paddy’s Day and a co-worker got me hooked, so I poured myself a little portion to snack on dry.

7:02 PM:


Celery with ranch

Funny story: I had this celery leftover from a salad I had made a while ago, so I decided to snack on it while I made dinner. I had a couple of sticks, and saved the rest for Jeff (he’s bizarrely obsessed with celery). But then when he went to eat a piece, he noticed that the end looked weird, and I examined it and realized that IT WAS MOLDY, as was the rest of the package. Soooo…I ate moldy celery. Cool.

7:24 PM:


Quinoa Cowboy Burger on multigrain thin with pickles, pepperjack, and Cholula; frozen french fries

Kind of a sad dinner, but it is what it is. You may remember that I didn’t have much on hand to make on Wednesday (hence the¬†black bean tacos), and I’m a regimented weirdo who doesn’t like to change my routine if possible, so I saved my grocery shopping for Friday and worked with what I had. These french fries are effing delicious, by the way – they’re just baked, but they’re super crispy and taste almost exactly like they’ve been fried. If you ever buy frozen fries and are bummed they don’t get crispy enough in the oven, buy the “fast food style” thin cut ones.

9:19 PM:


“Cookie dough” Greek yogurt

I had some Greek yogurt leftover from that Greek dip I made last week, and I wanted to use it before it went bad. This “cookie dough” yogurt is a favorite “dessert” (WEEKNIGHT dessert) of mine, although I’m not sure if I’m following the original recipe I found whatsoever at this point. It’s just Greek yogurt with peanut butter, a little honey, a pinch of salt, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. I kept getting the ratio of yogurt to peanut butter wrong and kept adding more yogurt and/or PB to correct it, so I ended up with a crazy big portion (since Greek yogurt and peanut butter are both really filling, this stuff hits your gut like a sack of bricks). I ate probably a little over half of this portion and gave the rest to Grooby – after picking out all the chocolate chips, of course!




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