Monday, March 13, 2018

Today was a big, fat fail. Sorry, guys. 9:36 AM: Today's breakfast offerings were looking a little sad - no berries to speak of, save a few limp (probably frozen and defrosted) strawberries, no breakfast potatoes, NO CHOLULA!! I grabbed some slightly crusty looking scrambled eggs (which they've started adding scallions to, for some reason), … Continue reading Monday, March 13, 2018

Spiced Potato Tacos

These tacos stemmed from a slight mishap - they were supposed to be sweet potato tacos. When I found my sweet potatoes had gone moldy (d'oh!), I improvised with some baby red potatoes I had laying around, and boom: a delicious dinner was born. These are a "throw together with whatever you have" meal, so … Continue reading Spiced Potato Tacos