Saturday, April 7, 2018

10:18 AM:


Maple chipotle bacon egg and cheese on an English muffin

For the first time in a quite a while, I took Jeff up on his offer to bring me breakfast from Dunkin. I shared my bacon with Grooby, because I’m a cool mom.

3:53 PM:


While procrastinating going in to the gym (does anyone else sit in their car outside of the gym for 45 minutes before going in?) I ate this Hi-Chew, hoping it’d give me a sugar rush and the will to run (it didn’t…I did finally drag myself into the building after a few more minutes, though).

5:21 PM:


FREE double chocolate cookie

I needed a couple items for tomorrow’s dinner that I couldn’t get at Target, so I made a quick pit-stop at Acme…where I received a FREE SAMPLE OF THE MOST DELICIOUS DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIE I’VE EVER EATEN. Okay, maybe I’m a wee bit easily excited…but this little cookie made me SO happy, you guys. I guess sometimes it pays to shop at ridiculously overpriced grocery stores…?

5:46 PM:


Small cappuccino; raspberry pie bar

I had promised Jeff I’d bring him home a “special treat” (I promise Jeff’s not a childlike weirdo, as much as this blog makes him sound like one…this is just how we talk to each other. We’re both weirdos!) so I stopped by one of my favorite local coffee shops for a cappuccino, and grabbed Jeff an almond joy latte and this raspberry pie bar for us to share. I only intended on eating a bite after that cookie, but it was freaking delicious and I probably ended up eating almost half.

NOT PICTURED: Seared Steak with lemon-parmesan collard greens and roasted potatoes

I’m SO annoyed I don’t have a pic for this, because I know I took one. My phone’s camera was acting funky last night, and it must not have saved. This was the last of my Blue Apron meals, and the collard greens were listed as kale on the menu (sometimes they’ll substitute slightly different ingredients in order to provide the freshest produce possible). It was pretty tasty, and I was pretty proud of myself for cooking dinner before heading to a movie instead of going out to eat.

8:45 PM:


Caesar salad

After dinner, I remembered I had this salad I had ordered to eat with my pizza last night and never got around to. You know I hate wasting food, so I decided to eat it before it got totally wilted (plus I figured it’d be good to get really full before the movie so I wouldn’t be tempted to order popcorn).

9:49 PM:


Brooklyn…some kind of citrusy seasonal ale (sorry)

We had decided to see a late showing of A Quiet Place (HOLY CHRIST it was terrifying…I’m not one to get scared at movies, but I almost broke Jeff’s arm I was gripping it so tightly. Speaking of Jeff, he watched about 80% of the movie through his fingers), and each ordered a drink. I ended up being so tense and on edge throughout the entire movie that I only drank about half of this beer…whoops. I also had a few Cadbury Mini Eggs (again, I was so tense I only got through about 1/3 of the little bag…plus it was so quiet I didn’t want to crinkle the plastic).

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