Friday, April 6, 2018

12:36 PM:


Multigrain slim with almond butter and a drizzle of honey; coffee

Another work from home breakfast/lunch combo! I had (have) an avocado languishing in the fridge and felt super guilty for not eating it, but for the first time in my adult life, avocado toast/eggs didn’t sound good (plus I didn’t feel like “cooking”). Instead, I toasted a multigrain slim and spread it with Trader Joe’s salted almond butter, and finished it off with a drizzle of honey. Easy AND delish.

2:56 PM:


Since I had eaten a relatively hearty “breakfast” so late, I wasn’t really hungry for another meal, and instead finished the last of this box of Cheez It Grooves.

3:44 PM:


Spiced jellybeans

I give up. Candy is now its own food group. I throw myself at the mercy of the sugar gods.

8:28 PM:


Cheese pizza

told you I’d shower and leave the house today! By the way, my Year of Free Pizza is coming to an end…Jeff and I couldn’t remember exactly when I started receiving free pizza last year, but I have to be on my last week or two (unless they forget to stop sending them…wishful thinking!) I still have a couple of coupon codes backed up, but I may have already received my last one…and if not, it has to be within the next couple weeks. I’m not sure if Pizza Friday will continue after my year is up…it’s great for convenience, but it’s really not very healthy to eat pizza every single week. Maybe I’ll switch it up and start doing healthier homemade pizza (or pizza substitutes) every once in a while…we’ll see!



Pizza Friday, Wine Friday! Pizza Friday may be coming to an end (I feel sadder than I’d imagine saying that), but Wine Friday definitely is not. I’ve gotten into the habit of pouring my glass and then taking Grooby for a quick walk/run before coming home and enjoying my wine & TV (tonight was the live Jesus Christ Superstar concert, which was impressive)…it’s become a nice little end to the week.


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