Wednesday, April 4, 2018

9:42 AM:


Scrambled eggs with Frank’s (RIP, Cholula); fruit; coffee

The oatmeal was looking runny today, so I went for eggs…the fruit was looking pretty good though, so I made myself a little cup.

12:14 PM:


Honey BBQ turkey meatloaf; “melting potatoes;” steamed broccoli; orange

Same lunch, different day. I DID eat my orange this time.

2:17 PM:



Apparently I’m on a jerky kick…the reeeallllly chewy kind like the stuff they have in a jar at old-school gas stations is my favorite.

3:02 PM:


Tall iced caramel macchiato with no vanilla syrup

I decided to take a stroll to Starbucks, and ended up almost getting blown away…it was CRAZY windy today. I was kind of wishing I had opted for a hot drink on the walk back…despite being in the mid 50s, it felt pretty darn chilly in the wind.

3:55 PM:


Reese’s peanut butter egg

One of my co-workers had finally broken into the huge Reese’s egg I had brought in, so of course I had to help myself to a little piece.

7:22 PM:


One bite of Big Gay Ice Cream – American Globs

I have a bit of an ice cream problem, I know (or just a sugar problem in general, really)…I actually found this at Wawa of all places, and with a name like “American Globs,” I couldn’t pass it up. It’s very similar to Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby, but I actually think it’s a little tastier – there’s more salt, and the pretzels are somehow still super crunchy.

8:19 PM:


Cherry-glazed chicken breast; sauteed collard greens; mashed potatoes

This was a Blue Apron meal. I’ve been sporadically using Blue Apron for a few years – I just cancel each delivery until I see a menu that looks particularly good. I’ve gotten pretty good at determining which meals we’ll like – the chicken-based meals are usually solid, and more creative than something I’d think up on my own. This one was no exception…both Jeff and I enjoyed it a good deal (and mashed potatoes are always a treat around here).

8:40 PM:


Nature Valley PB filled chocolate bar

On the way into the living room, I grabbed the last two of these Nature Valley bars as our “dessert.”



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