Monday, April 2, 2018

I ate a lot of candy again today…oops. No worries, the majority of what was left has been whisked off to the office to provide sugar highs to my co-workers for the next several weeks! Onward!

10:58 AM:


Fried egg, American cheese, and avocado on multigrain slim; coffee

I finally remembered to buy American cheese!! Note to self: avocado doesn’t really go with processed cheese food.

12:15 PM:


Russel Stover caramel egg; 2nd cup of coffee

Nice nutritious little after breakfast snack…I was SHOCKED by how delicious this egg was. Russel Stover stuff is usually garbage, but this egg was somehow perfect – the caramel was the ideal amount of chewy, and it wasn’t overly sweet. I want to eat a million of these (fortunately, there was only one in my basket).

2:14 PM:


Cadbury Mini Eggs

Who needs lunch when you have candy?!

4:04 PM:


Brandless Olive Oil & Sea Salt Popcorn

Time for some real food…AKA popcorn. I’m on a roll today, guys.

8:35 PM:


Honey BBQ turkey meatloaf; “melting potatoes,” steamed broccoli

This meatloaf was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself! The potatoes came from this Smitten Kitchen recipe (mine aren’t as dark because I roasted them at 450 instead of 500 so I could bake the meatloaf at the same time). I’ve been steaming broccoli instead of roasting it (my preferred method) recently, because Jeff doesn’t love “burned” (charred) food, particularly broccoli. I like steamed broccoli almost as much as I like roasted broccoli, so I cut him a break.

9:07 PM:


Spiced jellybeans, Lindt truffle egg

And for dessert…MORE CANDY. My lovely, wonderful husband knows me well enough to get the spiced jellybeans, which are the only ones I like because I’m apparently 85 years old…he even got me a whole separate bag of black licorice jellybeans! Swoon. I think I ate enough sugar today to last me 6 lifetimes…but, y’know. Easter. What can you do. Tomorrow’s a new day!

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