Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!! I hope everyone had a fun, relaxing day with loved ones. I…ate a bunch of candy and worked from home. Such is life.

9:33 AM:

About half an hour into my workday, Jeff came upstairs and delivered me this Easter basket in bed. Since we’re not religious and don’t have any kids, Easter’s not a holiday we really celebrate much…last year it was a beautiful day and we went and ate brunch outside at one of our favorite restaurants, but we don’t go out of our way to plan anything. Plus, I often volunteer to work if necessary, since I know most other people like to spend Easter with their families. However, Jeff knows my family always made a huge deal of holidays when I was growing up, and since I don’t get to see them very often, he always tries to make every holiday special for me. It’s just about the sweetest thing on Earth, and I kinda want to burst into tears writing this. Anyway…of course I immediately dug in (for full disclosure, I ate probably 5 of those Lindt truffle eggs throughout the day, but that’s the only one I actually took a pic of).

11:21 AM:


Fage Lemon Shortbread Crossover

Once I finally made it downstairs, I ate a “real” breakfast of yogurt (and of course, coffee). Check out the way my spoon matches perfectly with the Fage logo…I totally intended that to happen.

2:03 PM:


Cadbury Mini Eggs

More candy! Jeff knows I’m obsessed (OB-sessed) with Cadbury mini eggs, so he always includes a bunch in my Easter basket (yes, he does this every year…no, I’m absolutely not a spoiled monster). I promise I share my insane candy haul with my work fam, guys. Lord help any poor, misguided soul who dares touch my precious Cadbury Mini Eggs, though! (Seriously. I’ll cut you.)

3:03 PM:


The other half of that pizza slice from Friday

If I’m gonna cut a slice of pizza in half, the least I can do is finish it! I know cold pizza looks gross, but if you don’t eat leftover pizza cold, you’re probably a soulless ghoul. Maybe not, but probably.

4:05 PM:


Sweet Chipotle Jerky

Today was a very graze-heavy day, guys. Jeff included this jerky in my basket, because he knows me (and probably because he wanted some, too). I mean…protein’s important.

I also could’ve sworn I ate another one of those chocolate peanut butter Nature Valley bars at some point, but there’s no photographic evidence, so I might be making it up. I think there’s a new rule where if I don’t photograph something I eat, the calories don’t count. Stay tuned as to how that turns out (I have pretty high hopes).

8:23 PM:


Scrambled egg burrito bowl with sharp cheddar, zesty black beans, honey chipotle crema, half an avocado, Cholula, and cilantro; toasted multigrain slim with butter

Ever since I decided to make an effort to bring lunch to work, Sunday dinners have proven to be somewhat of a problem on three day weekends (or any week I don’t work on Monday). I usually like to make a large batch of some sort of comfort-type food on Sundays, which works well because those types of meals tend to reheat well, but on three-day weekends I try to save that meal for Monday, so that my work leftovers are fresher. That means I can’t make something that’ll create a ton of leftovers on Sunday too, because that would create too many leftovers and a bunch of food would end of up going to waste. So, I try to figure out something to make on Sunday that’ll only make a single serving for each of us, which can be a little difficult (cooking for two probz). Tonight’s solution was breakfast burrito bowls – scrambled eggs with cheese, black beans, avocado, and another batch of that yummy honey chipotle crema I made a while back. Kind of a strange meal, but satisfying nonetheless.

8:43 PM:


Red wine

I poured myself this glass of wine, headed out to take Grooby for a quick after-dinner walk, then came home and enjoyed it (plus another glass) while watching Making a Murderer with Jeff. I may or may not also have run back outside and maniacally cut a bunch of daffodils in the dark, panicking that the frost overnight would kill them, while Jeff looked on in bewilderment. You decide (I 100% did).




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