Saturday, March 31, 2018

12:40 PM:


Apple Crisp Twist Chobani Flip

You know the drill when I work from home – work from bed as long as humanly possible, come downstairs and stuff something into my facehole. It was actually abnormally busy for a Saturday today, so I didn’t get the chance to make my bed and come downstairs until literally the last second before my laptop battery died.

1:51 PM:


Nature Valley peanut butter filled chocolate soft bar; coffee

I’m apparently helpless against a Nature Valley product, since I buy every new thing they put out. As expected, these are shockingly delicious. My coffee looks weird and bubbly from shaking my Nutpods (dirty!)

5:49 PM:


Chocolate PB frozen Greek yogurt

Keeping with the chocolate peanut butter theme, I had a bite of this chocolate PB greek yogurt we’ve had in the freezer for a little while. It’s really good – it barely tastes like frozen yogurt at all (not to say tasting like frozen yogurt is a bad thing, but this tastes like legit ice cream), and it’s full of rich, yummy PB chunks.



Taco trio (from left to right): grilled veggie; carnitas; chicken

Jeff really wanted to see Ready Player One and I’ve been wanting to try this fast-casual Mexican Place near my nail spa, so we headed out for a little impromptu date night. These tacos were fantastic…Jeff had a steak burrito, and declared it “dope.”


Chips with pico, guac, and queso fundido

These chips & dips were supposed to be an appetizer, but ended up coming out as dessert – fine with us! I ate more chips and guac (and queso, as did Jeff) than should be humanly possible, but there still somehow ended up being a sizeable pile of chips left when we were done…tortilla chips are like lo mein, in that you can eat and eat and eat, but barely make a dent. These were the best chips I’ve had in a while – super fresh and salty – and the queso was out of this world good. PLUS it’s a BYOB and they’ll make you a margarita if you bring your own tequila!! We’ll definitely be going back.

7:36 PM:


Dogfish Head Dragons & Yum Yums

I ordered this beer at the movies (how do you NOT order a beer called “Dragons & Yum Yums”?!), and was very sad to receive this tiny little cup – this particular beer was listed under their seasonal additions, so I (wrongly) assumed it’d be draft (which comes in huge 22 oz plastic cups). Womp womp! It was really tasty, though! I also ate a handful of tropical flavored Hi-Chews during the movie, but didn’t take pics for obvious reasons.


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