Friday, March 30, 2018

9:36 AM:


Scrambled eggs with Frank’s Red Hot; fruit; coffee

Happy Friday! Scrambled eggs today with stupid Franks (“why is she so obsessed with hot sauce preferences?”), with some mixed fruit and my usual coffee. Stupid Frank’s.

12:18 PM:


Veggie packed pasta bake

Finishing up the last of the pasta…actually, that’s not true. Since I was only in the office one day this week, there’s still some left that’ll go to waste. Bummer.


Green grapes

Rounded out my lunch with some grapes from my Hungry Harvest box.

2:55 PM:


Made in Nature Nutter & Jelly Figgy Pops

I found these little guys at Target – they’re made from figs and nuts, and filled with nut butter (I assumed it would be peanut butter, but I think it’s actually almond butter). They’re pretty tasty! Kinda like those Larabar bites, but filled with nut butter.

4:49 PM:


Fiber One brownie

I wasn’t really hungry and had no intention of eating anything else before leaving work, but my boss came over munching on one of these brownies and raving about how delicious it was. These things aren’t up at alley at all (I detest anything marketed as “diet food”…which I guess is kind of funny, because I’m a HUGE sucker for bougie “natural food” which is really just the new way of saying “diet food,” only 10 times more expensive – see those fig things above), but she made it sound so good I finally had to have one. It was fine…surprisingly good I guess, but my expectations were pretty low.

8:01 PM:


Cheese pizza

Pizza night! I had one and a half slices (I know, cutting a slice in half is mega obnoxious, up there with blotting it with napkins to soak up the grease), plus one of Jeff’s “pizza bones.”

9:11 PM:


Red wine – Barbera, to be exact

No pizza night is complete without wine. Since I had to work the next day and my whole “no drinking on weeknights” rule gets shaky on work weekends (meaning I completely disregard it and drink not only on work weekends, but on my extra day off during the week), I kept it to one glass.


Brandless olive oil & sea salt popcorn

This is why I do things like cut slices of pizza in half: to save room for half a bag of popcorn. If you’re wondering about the quality, it’s pretty good – not as fluffy as some other brands, but perfectly salty and tasty.




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