Wednesday, March 28, 2018

10:17 AM:


Blueberry muffin; latte

I was working from our other building today, so I settled in and sat in on a meeting before running down to the coffee shop to grab a latte and a bite to eat. By the time I got down there, it was slim pickings as far as food was concerned, so I went with this sad, dry blueberry muffin.

12:34 PM:


Broccoli cheese soup; roll



The cafeteria in this building was looking surprisingly pathetic today (it’s usually better than the one in my normal building), so I grabbed a cup of soup and a salad (this one had baby kale, broccoli, I think feta – not sure exactly what those white cubes were – carrots, flaked salmon, and a weird orange chipotle vinaigrette. This building’s chef likes to get creative with his dressings.) The salad wasn’t very good, so I only ate about two thirds of it.

3:04 PM:



The floor I was on today has free snacks (#MarketingLife), so I grabbed this little bag of jerky to munch on during another meeting.

6:18 PM:


Brandless Sea Salt Quinoa Chips

Apparently the jerky didn’t do its job, because I was hungry AF by the time I got home. I snacked on a few of these quinoa chips…


Chocolate hazelnut Oreo dunked in 2% milk

…then I ate an Oreo dunked in milk, because #YOLO.

7:12 PM:


Brazi Bites; broccoli cheddar tots

Listen: not all of my meals are glamorous or exciting, but this meal was pretty sad even for me. I had a busy week, I didn’t do a great job with grocery shopping last Friday, and I just didn’t really feel like cooking anything complicated this week. It happens. Anyway, we had these “Brazi Bites” sitting in our freezer – they’re a product we saw on Shark Tank and had looked delicious, so we were looking forward to trying them (though when I bought them, I originally intended them as a late night weekend snack). They’re gluten free bread balls filled with cheese, and they’re…pretty gross, to be honest. Neither of us liked them, and we both fed a few of our portions to Grooby (who doesn’t discriminate when it comes to bread and cheese). These broccoli cheese tots are always a tasty treat, however. Pro tip: spray them with cooking spray before putting in the oven, and bake for a tad longer than directed – they’ll get super crispy!

9:00 PM:


Pina colada rice pudding

Early morning tomorrow calls for an early bedtime tonight…but first, dessert! (Natch.) Jeff and I each had a little bowl of rice pudding before heading upstairs…Jeff is crazy about this stuff, by the way. Success!




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