Thursday, March 29, 2018

7:36 AM:


Bacon Gouda Egg sandwich; tall iced caramel macchiato

My co-workers and I took a little road trip to one of our other locations today, so we got an early start. I had already stopped for coffee at Wawa on the way to the office (where we met to pile into a rental SUV)…in fact, I drank a lot of various types coffee today, and didn’t take pics of any of it (other than this macchiato). Whoops! Speaking of the macchiato, it was dripping all over the place, so this picture was a bit rough to capture…you know me, always keeping it real. Haha.

12:54 PM:


Grilled chicken with fire-roasted tomato sauce over brown rice with feta, black beans, and Greek yogurt crema

Our co-worker from the office we were visiting took us to a local restaurant for lunch, where I had this yummy chicken dish. We also had these mini cookie skillet things topped with ice cream for dessert, but I was too busy stuffing my face to snap a pic. Sorry guys!

7:29 PM:


Veggie packed pasta bake

I was exhausted by the time I got home and didn’t feel like cooking, so I had some leftover pasta while Jeffrey happily ate PB&J (I’m telling you, this guy would eat PB&J and/or cereal every night if he could).


Busted looking orange

My pasta didn’t really satisfy me, so I had this orange immediately after finishing dinner.

8:41 PM:


Pina colada rice pudding

Another early night, another bowl of rice pudding.

I work this weekend, but things should otherwise return to normal after today – sorry for the half-assed posts this week, friends!




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