Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sorry for the late post! I had kind of a crazy…not crazy really, just full, day today. Actually, I’ll probably be pretty busy tomorrow too, so it’ll probably be another late one (or I might just push the post to the next day). Anyway…onwards!

11:22 AM:


Apple Crisp Chobani Flip

I worked from home today, so I dragged myself downstairs shortly after 11 and made coffee while eating this delicious and very fancy yogurt product.

1:16 PM:


Veggie packed pasta bake

I will never not be shocked at how much nicer gross-looking food looks on a plate than a plastic Tupperwear container.

2:14 PM:


Brandless sweet jalapeno lentil crisps

Alarmingly shortly after lunch, I finished this bag of lentil crisps while working from the couch.

4:12 PM:


Apple slices with almond butter

2 hours later, it was time for another snack (naturally). Funny (not really) story: I was legitimately hungry for some reason and had decided to eat these apples, but I had been in a Facebook discussion about Oreos (don’t ask), so when I went into the kitchen, I ate two of those Nutella Oreos dunked in milk. (I didn’t bring my phone into the kitchen, so no pics…does that mean it didn’t happen?) I was absolutely not hungry anymore after that, but I had already mentally committed to eating THIS snack, so I still did. Such is my life.

7:36 PM:


Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burger with pickles, pepper jack, and avocado on multigrain slim; broccoli slaw salad

Sad Solo Tuesday dinner – my usual veggie burger (a different kind this time, though) and a salad made from broccoli slaw, Persian cucumber, radish, and avocado (I split 1/2 an avocado between the burger and salad), dressed with lime juice and salt & pepper.

10:48 PM:


Pina colada rice pudding

I had some leftover pineapple from the pina colada sauce I had made to go on Sunday’s coconut shrimp tacos (as well as some of the sauce itself), so I decided to make pina colada rice pudding. I ate a little bowl of it before retiring for the evening.



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