Monday, March 26, 2018

Since I work this coming weekend, I had a rare Monday off (which means I’ll have next Monday off as well). As much as I love working a normal Monday – Friday schedule, I’ll always miss having Mondays off a little – it’s always nice to have a day all to myself, and I love how the world is so much quieter and stores are so much less busy during the week when people are at work and school. Needless to say, I had a nice little day.

12:04 PM:


Lemon Shortbread Fage Crossover; coffee

I putzed around quite a bit this morning before making coffee and eating “breakfast” – this is probably my favorite flavor of yogurt novelty thingy.

2:09 PM:


Brandless Sweet Jalapeno Lentil Crisps

I received my first order from Brandless today – they’re an online grocery store that sells all lable-less goods for $3/piece. Not everything’s a huge bargain, but there are definitely some good finds if you do your research – I especially like their wooden cooking utensils, and their minimal, clean looking packaging. These were delish – super crispy (they’re just like Naturebox’s lentil loops, if you’re familiar, and similar to Popchips) with a good kick. I scarfed down about half the bag while writing.

5:08 PM:


Some gross almond hazelnut nougat bar thing

I needed to go pick up my monthly Winc order (they can’t ship to Delaware, so I have my package dropped off at a FedEx kiosk in a Rite Aid right across the PA border about 5 minutes from my house), and I was in need of a couple household items, so I decided to take a trip to Homegoods and Terrain (a gorgeous local greenhouse/store/restaurant – one of my houseplants had sadly expired over the weekend). While I was waiting in line at Homegoods, I naturally got super hungry since I hadn’t eaten a proper meal since breakfast (typical). I considered stopping somewhere and grabbing a quick snack, but ultimately decided it was getting a bit too close to dinner, and just grabbed this bizarre nougat bar from the checkout line. I’m weirdly into nougat (and was starving) so this looked good, but…it wasn’t. It was pretty gross (predictably, by anyone other than me). I ate a couple bites and tossed it, and somehow managed to avoid the Starbucks when I popped into Target to grab an onion for dinner.

7:21 PM:


Brandless beef jerky

I was obviously still pretty hungry when I arrived home, so I grabbed this beef jerky that had come in my Brandless box and chowed down. I’ve decided I’m pretty over Meatless March – I was just doing it to support Jeff, and he had sent me a text telling me he had a steak sandwich for lunch, so to hell with it. This was a teensy single-serving package (which explains why it was only $3 when jerky usually costs something like the title to your car and your first born child), and I ate the whole thing minus a piece or two I shared with Grooby in about 30 seconds.

8:26 PM:


Veggie-packed pasta bake; salad

Jeff arrived home on the late side, which was to be expected since it was his first day at his new job, and he has to commute to Philly now. After catching up, I started dinner – a veggie-packed baked pasta dish with a leafy green salad (mine had radishes, Persian cucumber, and kalamata olives, and it was dressed with a simple lemon vinaigrette – just lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper). I posted this recipe a while back on my old blog and I’ll probably move the post over, but for now you can check it out here. This particular version was made with chickpea pasta and had roasted broccoli and cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, and spinach.

9:04 PM:


The rest of that gross wine

I did it!! Triumph!!

10:25 PM:


Green seedless grapes

I had decided to work from home the following day, so Jeff & I stayed up a bit later than normal watching TV and snacking on grapes. No need to call animal control – despite his very cute, pathetic stares, I didn’t share any with Grooby.

11:00 PM:


Justin’s Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Before heading to bed, I grabbed one of these cute little PB cups (these little guys are so yummy).








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