Sunday, March 25, 2018

11:45 AM:


Fried egg on multigrain slim with pepper jack and Cholula; coffee

I’ve really gotten myself hooked on fried egg sammies…I always forget how quick and easy they are to slap together. Let’s take a moment to talk about cheese, because this was weird. My first choice for an egg sammie is always going to be American…that’s just how it should be. Unfortunately, I rarely have American cheese on hand, and it’s not something I think to pick up when I’m grocery shopping, so I usually end up using pepper jack (which is what I like for veggie or turkey burgers). I had been buying the Sargento pepper jack thin slices, but they’re so thin they’re barely detectable, so I had been using two slices at a time, essentially turning it into one regular-sized slice (one thin slice has 40 calories and one normal slice has 80, so that should mean that two thin slices equals one full slice). This week, I just bought regular slices, but now it seems like too much cheese?!?!!? Which I know is basically the most preposterous thing I’ve ever said, but it overpowered the whole sandwich. But…how?? It should be the same! The moral of the story is…I’m very particular. And still confused.

Oh, and sorry about what appears to be curdled milk in my coffee all the time – it’s just little almond fragments from my trusty Nutpods.

12:58 PM:


Chocolate hazelnut Oreo; second cup of coffee

I’ve been having a second cup of coffee more often than not these days, and it occurred to me that those Oreos were still lurking in the cabinet…I snagged one and dipped it in my hot coffee, and it was divine.

2:41 PM:


Cold pizza

I noticed I was getting pretty hungry, and realized I was doing that weekend thing I do where I had failed to eat lunch. I didn’t really feel like making anything, so I grabbed a slice of pizza from the fridge and ate it cold while standing up. No regrets.

6:06 PM:


Green seedless grapes

It’s that weird time of year when Daylight Savings has been around for a while, but I’m still thrown off by the sun still being up by early evening. Normally I’d be starting dinner by just after 6, but I was still puttering around the house, watching a TiVo’d episode of The Kitchen (when I saw the time this picture was taken at just now, I was actually a little shocked it was as late as it was). These grapes came in my Hungry Harvest shipment this week, so I snacked on a few while watching TV (Jeff had gone to get a haircut and to see Red Sparrow – I had no interest in seeing it, so he went solo).

8:04 PM:


Coconut shrimp tacos

Oof, I know…MORE TACOS. I’ve eaten more tacos in the past month than probably ever in my life. But I had seen this recipe on Cup of Jo earlier in the week, and it looked so easy and tasty (we love coconut shrimp around here), and I still had the end of a package of tortillas to use up. Plus, I’m off this Monday, so I wanted to save my “leftover-friendly” meal for Monday night so I’d have lunches for the week. I changed the recipe quite a bit – instead of Trader Joe’s coconut shrimp (which is LEGIT, it’s one of my go-tos for easy party food), I used this Thai curry coconut shrimp I had on hand, and I topped them a little differently. For the slaw, I used broccoli slaw dressed simply with the juice of a lime, fresh cilantro, and salt, and instead of salsa I used creamy pina colada sauce (this recipe tastes EXACTLY like the stuff they serve at Red Lobster – don’t pretend you don’t love it). They were, of course, delicious…again, it’s hard to go wrong with a taco, and anything involving coconut shrimp is a good idea in my book.

8:52 PM:


Bordeau blend

told you I’d finish this bottle! I had two glasses while re-watching Making a Murderer…one glass to go!



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