Saturday, March 24, 2018

11:12 AM:


Chobani Flip – Carrot Cake Creation

Ah, the old standby…some type of yogurt novelty product. I know I haven’t eaten these since I’ve started this blog, but…this is the true me. Nice to meet you. This was kind of gross, but I ate it anyway. Also, how cute is my spoon!

1:59 PM:


Medium cold brew with nonfat milk

This coffee looks very appealing and not at all like raw sewage, yes? Jeff’s new job has a slightly more formal dress code, so he was in need of more suits and dress shirts/pants. We decided to take a trip to the outlets in Lancaster, since Banana Republic usually has a good selection of office appropriate clothes (there are also outlets about the same distance away down towards the beach, but this drive is nicer IMO). I had just taken a Benadryl, so I requested Dunkin to offset the drowsiness…naturally, Jeff happily obliged.

7:43 PM:


2 slices of cheese pizza

I somehow managed to make it through an entire day of shopping (a very successful day of shopping, by the way!) without any snacks, so I was RAVENOUS by the time we made it back to Delaware. We debated eating somewhere around Lancaster, but we don’t know our way around and didn’t feel like wandering about, trying to find something. I wasn’t feeling fast food (I don’t really like eating in the car HIGH MAINTENANCE ALERT) so we decided to have Pizza Saturday since we had skipped Pizza Friday. I scarfed down two slices in about 3.7 seconds.

7:57 PM:


Bordeaux blend

I poured myself this glass of wine, but didn’t end up finishing it…pathetic. I didn’t love this blend, but I also just kinda kept forgetting I was drinking wine. This is 33. And don’t worry…I’ll still finish the bottle, because I’m a hero.

8:43 PM:


Gross salad

I had ordered a salad to go with my pizza, but I was so busy stuffing my face that I didn’t end up getting into it right away. As you’re aware, I usually pride myself in building a delicious salad…but this one was a big, fat loser. It was really disgusting. It had kale (the menu said baby kale, but this is clearly curly kale…whatever though, I don’t really discriminate when it comes to greens), shredded carrots, sliced olives, dried cranberries, apple slices, crumbled bleu cheese, hard boiled egg, and glazed pecans with balsamic vinaigrette. There were a few different issues: first of all, it was a disgusting combo of ingredients. Olives and dried cranberries? I think I started out planning to go savory, and switched lanes mid-ordering process and went sweet, but the combo just wasn’t right. Second of all, the bleu cheese at this place is disgusting. It’s way too pungent and moldy tasting, and it just tastes cheap and gross (which…I mean, it’s a pizza takeout place, I’m not sure what I was expecting). And third, at some point last year this place stopped making their own dressings (which were delicious) and switched over to Ken’s prepackaged crap dressing…that’s fine for, like, ranch, but the balsamic vinaigrette just wasn’t cutting it. Anyway, I ended up picking out the apple slices and olives and eating them separately, and throwing the rest out. I suck.

That’s all she wrote! Pretty boring for a Saturday (at least food-wise), but they can’t all be winners!



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