Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Snow day! Hopefully the last of the year!

11:16 AM:



I made it downstairs shortly after 11 (as you may recall, I work from bed as long as humanly possible on work from home days), and decided to treat myself to a latte instead of my normal coffee (I guess a latte seems more indulgent than a drip coffee, but it was more about laziness than anything else – I didn’t really feel like making coffee, and Jeff had already gone to Dunkin). I ended up mildly regretting this, as my tummy almost immediately started to slightly hurt. It’s weird – I don’t seem to have a dairy sensitivity at any other time, but it bothers my stomach if I consume milk first thing in the morning. Good to know – back to my Nutpods.

11:37 AM


Fried egg sandwich on multigrain slim with pepperjack and Cholula

While I sipped my latte, I got to work on breakfast. I didn’t have much in the house, so I went with an over medium egg with a slice of pepperjack on a multigrain slim. I love an egg sandwich.

1:49 PM:


Veggie-loaded egg casserole with avocado and Cholula

What a difference a real plate can make! This still doesn’t look beautiful, but it at least looks edible…and I remembered to remove the avocado before heating it up this time! P.S. – I discovered this week that the acid in hot sauce will keep avocado from browning (this particular avocado was two days old and remained perfectly green), similarly to citrus juice! The more you know.

4:05 PM:


Hot cocoa with homemade whipped cream

Despite turning the heat up to 72 (!!), I was FREEZING all day – our house is almost 100 years old with high-ish ceilings, so it loses heat quick. I decided hot cocoa was in order…winter should be on its way out, so might as well get it in while we can! I briefly considered making homemade hot cocoa, but Jeff usually doesn’t love it (too rich for his blood), so I compromised by making plain old Swiss Miss and topping it with homemade whipped cream. I also didn’t feel like dirtying my Kitchenaid bowl (and I don’t have an electric hand mixer), so I whipped the cream by hand – definitely counts as my workout for the day.

7:52 PM:


Poblano, corn, and black bean tacos with chipotle cream

This started out as an “oh-crap-I-don’t-have-any-food-in-the-house” meal, but ended up being super tasty and one I’ll definitely repeat (I mean, it’s tacos). It was super easy to throw together – just jazzed up canned black beans, Trader Joe’s frozen roasted corn, charred poblano, and a chipotle sauce I whipped together in 30 seconds. I know I’ve been saying I’ll write up recipes and then don’t, but this one’s definitely going up – Jeff will kill me if I don’t make these again (after eating three, he said “I could eat at least 3 more of those suckers.”) Stay tuned!

10:42 PM:


Ghiardelli Sea Salt Soiree square

I was craving something sweet, but wasn’t very hungry after dinner – luckily, I had a stash of these dark chocolate squares on hand. In the name of full disclosure, I also had a couple bites of that Almond Brittle or whatever Jeni’s ice cream throughout the day, but I didn’t take pics because it feels dumb to do so. Sorry!



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