Monday, March 13, 2018

Today was a big, fat fail. Sorry, guys.

9:36 AM:


Scrambled eggs with FRANK’S (the horror!), little crispy hash brown thing.

Today’s breakfast offerings were looking a little sad – no berries to speak of, save a few limp (probably frozen and defrosted) strawberries, no breakfast potatoes, NO CHOLULA!! I grabbed some slightly crusty looking scrambled eggs (which they’ve started adding scallions to, for some reason), scraped a little potato off this fried egg/hash thing they have every day, and doused the whole thing in Frank’s since the Cholula was MIA. By the way – I remember Frank’s being wussy in the heat department, but it turns out it’s way spicier than Cholula, so dousing my eggs with the same amount of Frank’s had my mouth a bit on fire. Who knew!

That lentil soup looks SO disgusting, and for that I sincerely apologize. It tastes great, though! I paired my leftover curried lentil soup with some white cheddar Cheez-It’s Grooves, and was sufficiently full for the rest of the day – so much so that I didn’t snack at all.

And…that’s all I’ve got, picture-wise. I attended a happy hour after work that ended up being with a bunch of people I don’t know and may eventually end up working with, so no way was I going to be snapping pics of my wine like a total spaz. I ended up eating this grilled avocado dish off the happy hour menu (which was pretty gross, by the way – I ordered it despite knowing I don’t enjoy cooked avocado, so that was 100% my bad), and as happy hours tend to do, it ended up going late. It was too late to make dinner by the time I got home, but I had to put together a Greek 7 layer dip for “dip day” today at the office, so I munched on a few homemade pita chips and a little hummus before heading to bed.

I figure these days will happen – there’s just no way I’m going to be able to photograph/keep track of every meal, every single day. Oh well…I’ll pick up where I left off tomorrow. Also, stay tuned for the curried lentil soup recipe!

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