Happy Friday!

This week felt long, yes? Let’s have a little chat.


This weekend should feel a little more normal to me – last weekend felt off with my crazy Friday and the Oscars on Sunday, and the previous weekend felt a little weird for some reason, too. We’ve been in a bit of a transition period since the year began, and probably will be for the next couple of months. All good stuff – Jeff recently accepted a new job (hence the sushi on Monday), so that’ll come with a slightly different weekly schedule for us. He’ll be commuting to Philadelphia every day, so he’ll probably be getting home a bit later than he currently does. I’m pretty excited for more regular Philly trips, though – I’m definitely going to find excuses to meet him for dinner every now and then.

Anyway…it’s been a solid two weeks of food tracking, and I’m starting to notice a few things. For one, I already knew I ate a lot of avocado, but…man, I eat a TON of avocado. I was also already aware that I’m all about carbs, but I’m noticing I eat more carbs and bread on a daily basis than I thought. I clearly tend to lean towards Italian or Mexican inspired flavors (or those types of meals are just the easiest to throw together, ha), and obviously I love a big-ass salad.

I also noticed that I eat out a lot more than I realized. I know I keep saying “this isn’t a normal week,” and I swear it’s been true every time I’ve said it…but I’ve been saying it so often that I’m starting to feel like there’s no such thing as a “normal week” these days. I also feel weirdly defensive about my eating habits – I never claimed to be a healthy eater, or to be super frugal, or…well, anything, so I don’t know why I feel so guilty about eating out frequently or eating something that feels less than wholesome. I think most of what’s making me feel that way is that I’m only sharing my meals with you, and so literally everything I’m writing about is centered around food, which makes it feel like I’m eating a lot more than I am. Plus, seeing pictures of 4 snacks right next to each other makes me feel like a glutton, when in reality some of these “snacks” are actually literally one bite of banana, and even though I’ve listed 4 snacks in a row, they were actually eaten 4 hours apart. None of this to say I’m actually being judged, it’s just a weird thing to be so consciously documenting and then sharing every single thing I eat in a day. Either way, it’s for sure interesting.

That’s all – just some thoughts that’ve been swirling around in my mind grapes. Have a fantastic weekend!




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