Sunday, March 4, 2018

10:53 AM:


Bagel thin with cream cheese and raspberry jam on half; coffee

I’m finally starting to get a little tired of these bagel thins…but I bought another package of them this week because I still had a bunch of cream cheese to use up. Womp womp.

11:46 AM:


Fruity Pebbles treat

Those Fruity Pebbles treats were still sitting in front of me, so I had about 1/3 of one. They were starting to get a little hard, but they’re thankfully gone now. GOOD RIDDANCE, FRUITY PEBBLES TREATS!

1:21 PM:


Nature Valley Almond Butter Layered Bar (says the package, kind of )

I was trying to avoid eating too much today because I had plans to eat all the food during the Oscars, so I ate another one of these guys instead of making a full lunch.

5:58 PM:


All the food.

For our VERYFANCY Oscars spread, we had pizza, breadsticks, coconut shrimp with Pina Colada dip (I made a copycat of that freaking delicious sauce they have at Red Lobster), popcorn with onion salt, and champagne cocktails (I just mixed 3/4 parts Cava with 1/4 parts Pellegrino Blood Orange soda, and garnished with raspberries and a kumquat, because my grocery store had them for some reason and I couldn’t not buy them). We grazed on this throughout the evening (we meaning I – Jeff scarfed down a bunch of food within 5 minutes or so and didn’t eat for the rest of the night…I MARRIED A NON-SNACKER WHERE DID I GO WRONG), but if you’re interested, I ate one slice of pizza, about 90 shrimp, 45 breadsticks, and THAT WHOLE DAMN BOWL OF POPCORN I’m not kidding Jeff did not eat one kernel. We somehow only went through one bottle of Cava between the two of us – I guess cutting it with the soda really stretched it out, and clearly I was too busy shoving popcorn into my face to drink much of anything.

By the way, I’m very disappointed with Best Picture results (Jordan Peele was ROBBED) as well as Best Male in a Lead Role (Timothee Chalamet was ROBBED). I also didn’t realize I was a criminal for enjoying Three Billboards. I’m very sorry.

And that’s it – I ate a ton of food today, but it was all in one shot (or actually, I just didn’t feel like taking a picture every time I shoved a breadstick in my facehole). K bye!


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