I have an idea…

Not a dream, an idea (ba-dum-bum). Okay, so…what if I used this blog to post (literally) everything I eat in a day?

Okay, hear me out. I understand that this sort of exercise would come across as very obnoxious in a place like Instagram or (god forbid) Facebook, but this is a blog, and you’re not a captive audience. I personally would love to read something like that because I’m a weird voyeur, and I realize that I may be (and likely am) in the minority, but again: I’m really just doing this for myself, so who cares?

Here’s why I think this may be an okay idea: for one thing, it might cause me to eat better, strictly out of embarrassment. If I commit to this and post EVERYTHING I EAT, EVERY DAY, maybe it would stop me from grabbing that third cookie at midnight, or at least from spreading half a jar of peanut butter on said cookie. And actually, even if I don’t stop out of embarrassment, I might stop of out laziness – when I used to use My Fitness Pal to track my meals, I’d occasionally decide not to eat something small that I didn’t really care about strictly because I didn’t feel like logging it. This would be like that, on steroids (but don’t worry – I definitely wouldn’t start eating like Gwyneth just to look better).

Aside from the potential health aspect, it would remedy my tendency to forget meals I enjoyed – I’d have it all logged, with pictures and potentially opinions (am I writing about what I eat? Or just logging it? This is starting to sound like a lot of work).

So…who’s into this (I ask, knowing full well that literally zero people know this blog exists)? I think I might give it a shot. I’ll probably wait until next week to start, because I have kind of a crazy week ahead of me…although maybe I should just start, since it’ll potentially be more interesting than normal. Really suck you in. Right? Right? RIGHT?!!!

Image-2 (2)

This was my lunch today: 1.) Yes, that is an Instagram Story still; 2.) Yes, that is where I got this (possibly terrible) idea from; 3.) I promise it won’t usually be like this.

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